The war in Syria and the drug bomb, by Ghassan Shahrour, MD

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It was found

•  No specific action or contingency plan or specific program or significant activities were conducted on drug crisis in the fields of prevention, monitoring and intervention in the region linked with the brutal conflict in Syria
• Also no significant community awareness prog to educate Syrians inside and outside Syria as well as the refugee hosting countries
• Also, No Intervention with the conflict stakeholders on the growing drug bomb and its disastrous human security impacts on the people of the region


About Dr. Ghassan Shahrour

Dr. Ghassan Shahrour is an expert in medicine, and disability issues with long-term management and operational experience at diverse levels Dr. Shahour was trained at Damascus University, with further training at the University of Birmingham and other education centers He has published many articles, conference papers and presentations. He is a member of a number of national, regional and international professional and civil society associations. He is a prolific writer on health, disability, humanitarian and cultural issues in diverse media.
هذا المنشور نشر في مشاركات عربية وعالمية, الأمن الإنساني, الصحة. حفظ الرابط الثابت.

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