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Ghassan Shahrour in the Biographical Lexicon of Medical Informatics

Biographical lexicon of medical informatics             Lexicon covered about 250 biographies of experts in Medical Informatics from over 50 countries and from all continents “The main objective of this Lexicon is to provide as comprehensive … إقرأ المزيد

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Health Tourism: Are We Prepared? Ghassan Shahrour,MD

Health Tourism: Are We Prepared? | Ghassan Shahrour MD            “We are building virtual hospital network, not only to prepare ourselves to play a leading role in the medical tourism industry, but also to better serve our … إقرأ المزيد

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حاسة السمع والأدوية المؤذية لها

حاسة السمع والأدوية المؤذية لها _ إعداد_ الدكتورغسان شحرور_مجلة المنال _ رؤية شاملة لمجتمع واع

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